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This is very general, just me thinking out loud. If you see anything
factually incorrect, feel free to correct me.

Gabriel Andrews: né Gabriel Jordan Johnson
age: 19, going on 20 (born June 12, 1995)
sex/gender: male
place of birth: Louisville, Kentucky
current residence: just outside of Oxford, Maryland
He has black-brown hair and hazel eyes. Tall-ish (6'1"). His nose is kinda
He's *very* quiet and observant. He's oftentimes polite and loyal, but not
ambitious. He tends on the pessimistic side, and isn't terribly trusting.
He can be impulsive and curious, and is prone to mood swings (not to the
point of it being clinical, though), and is neither logical nor
self-controlled. He is *not* romantic, though sometimes he can be flirty.
He isn't terribly inclined to tell the truth, and doesn't sympathize with
other's misfortunes. He can, however, be altruistic and, to a certain
extent, nurturing. He's very easily startled and is sometimes aggressive
when provoked. His attention span is not good.
He is good at calligraphy (and likes it), but doesn't really like other
forms of art. He reads almost constantly, and likes spy novels and
westerns. He recently discovered he likes watching foreign films. He likes
history and opera. He crochets.
He has two sisters and a brother: Maya (16, 17 in Dec.), Daniel (12), and
Jane (8, 9 in Oct.) His father is in jail for child abuse. He and his
family moved to the Carrolls' house/estate when he was 11-ish. He has C-PTSD.

Researching child abuse and PTSD is nasty stuff. Also, I lost my earbuds.

Signing off,


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